Composition of Rajya Sainik Boards (RSBs)

The composition of Rajya Sainik Board is as follows:

  • President : Governor / Chief Minister
  • Vice President(s) : GOC-in-C Command, FOC-in-C Command, AOC-in-C Command and Secretary, ESW / MoD
  • Exofficio Member : State Ministers, Heads of Departments, Local Formation Commanders, Secy KSB and Director, Resettlement Zone
  • Nonofficial Members : Four Ex-Servicemen (nominated by Chiefs of Staff Committee)
  • Members : Two prominent citizens
  • Secretary : Director, Dept of Sainik Welfare
  • Secretary : Director, Dept of Sainik Welfare

Note : Dept of ESM Welfare / MoD, DGR and Secy KSB are special invitees at the Board’s meetings.

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